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Introducing CheckMAN™......

Anyone with a copy of CheckMAN™, a computer and a printer can legally accept a check via Phone, Fax, Email or the WWW! It's now Faster and Less Expensive than you would ever think! We have been successfully accepting this form of payment with tremendous success! Say Good-bye to the high credit card merchant account fees! With CheckMAN™, you will have absolutely no recurring fees, or monthly charges! Your only other expense EVER will be to purchase blank checks! (About 5 each!) With this State-Of-The-Art program you can even print checks drawn on your own account ready to be signed made payable to who ever you would like!

CheckMAN™ is Very Easy To Use....

Anyone who can use a word processing program will be able to master CheckMAN™ in a matter of minutes. CheckMAN™ also has a very detailed Help File that will answer nearly any imaginable question! The hardest part will be waiting the 5 minutes for your copy to download, or for your disk to arrive by mail!

CheckMAN™ has Many, Many, features....

Features Standard Version Pro Version
Ability to Print Your Customer's Checks Yes Yes
Accepted by the fax, phone, etc, without signature
Ability to Print Your Own Checks complete with Payor Info Yes Yes
Ability to Print Your Own Blank Checks Yes Yes
No need to order checks again
Ability to Print Checks "Selected", or by "Dates" Yes Yes
Print one at a time, or a whole batch
Free use of a CheckMAN™ WebForm! Yes Yes
Easily take online payments
Ability to Print Deposit Summaries No Yes
Ability to Add Artwork to Your Checks No Yes
Ability to actually "stamp / endorse" the back of your printed checks No Yes
Automatically "Remembers" All Banking Info No Yes
You'll only need to type transit #
Ability to Easily Handle and Print Recurring Transactions No Yes
Monthly, quarterly, etc.
Ability to Print Your Actual Signature Right On Your Check No Yes
Ability to Run Your Own Check Printing "Service Bureau" No Yes
Print checks for many clients
Ability to Print, a "File Copy", and a "Customer Receipt" No Yes
Even fits in a #9 window envelope

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