Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any monthly or yearly "fees" involved?
  2. Who signs the check?
  3. Do I need special paper?
  4. Is CheckMAN guaranteed?
  5. How do I take a check by phone?
  6. How do I take a check via a fax machine?
  7. How do I take a check via the internet?
  8. What do I need to deposit these checks?
  9. What are my system requirements?
  10. Do I need magnetic toner?
  11. Is this legal?
  12. How does CheckMAN compare to it's competition?
  13. What if my customer is afraid to give me their checking information?
  14. How can I accept MasterCard / Visa with CheckMAN?
  15. Can I Resell CheckMAN?

Are there any monthly or yearly "fees" involved?

Absolutely none. We have seen other services charge as much as $49.95 per month licensing fee for their software. With CheckMAN, you simply purchase it for our very low price, and all you'll ever need to purchase again is blank checks!

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Who signs the check?

No signature is required to deposit these checks (see #11). In place of a signature, CheckMAN prints, "This Draft Authorized By Your Depositor...NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED".

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Do I need special paper?

Yes and No. In order to use CheckMAN, you will need print the drafts on a special blank check stock. Our software is not going to help if you do not get the proper paper. Our special checks come with several "pre-printed" check lines, specifically suited for CheckMAN. The cost for these is very minimal! We carry all the blank check stock you will need. Look at our Check Paper area for all the details.

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Is CheckMAN guaranteed?

Yes!! We offer a 15 day evaluation period. Giving you plenty of time to decide if it is right for your company!

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How do I take a check by phone?

You simply gather all the information that is on your customers check. You will then enter this information into CheckMAN, and a check ready to deposit will be produced. We will even send you a "phone template" that you can make copies of and basically guides you through the whole process. It even has a sample check so you can explain to your customer exactly where all the information will be found on their check.

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How do I take a check via a fax machine?

You simply ask your customer to make a check out to you just as if they were going to mail it. Then ask them to attach it to a sheet of paper (so it doesn't get crumpled in their fax machine), and fax it to you. You would then input the information right from the check directly into CheckMAN, and it will print a check ready to deposit.

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How do I take a check via the internet?

There are several different ways to take a check on the web. You can design yourself an order form similar to our order form. We will even set one up for you and host it FREE! It is usually a good idea to use a secure server for the order form, so your customers will not worry about having their checking info "hi-jacked". If you don't know how to produce a secure form, we can handle this for you at a very reasonable price. You can also just put together a simple email form, and have your customer send you their checking information via email. Once you collected the information, you would input the information right into CheckMAN, and it will print a check ready to deposit.

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What do I need to deposit these checks?

To deposit these checks you need only 5 things.

  1. A product or service to sell.
  2. The information from your customer's check.
  3. Authorization from your customer.
  4. CheckMAN Software.
  5. Blank Checks.

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What are my system requirements?

CheckMAN is a Windows™ based application. It requires a 486 Cpu with 2 meg of Ram, and 4 meg of free Hard Drive space. Any Windows™ compatible ink jet or laser printer with 300 dpi will work fine. We do have many MAC users running CheckMAN through Windows™. CheckMAN is currently compatible with most Windows™ systems except Windows Vista 64-bit Operating System and Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

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Do I need magnetic toner?

Most banks have upgraded their check processing applications and no longer require the magnetic ink. The checks are scanned digitally. Therefore, most will not have any problem. If they do, they'll process them manually, and may ask you to get magnetic ink if they are processing a very large quantity of checks for you daily. We suggest that you simply deposit the checks without it. If there is a problem with your particular bank (highly unlikely), then contact us, and we will give you information on purchasing magnetic toner.

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Is this legal?

Check "Demand Drafts", or "drafting" funds from a second party's checking account, have been a method of payment for more than 8 years. Fax, E-Mail, and Telephone checks (pre-authorized paper bank drafts) are completely legal. The primary requirement is that the checking account holder (your customer) must give you verbal or written pre-authorization, such as faxing you their check. Electronic drafts are nothing new. Insurance companies have been using them for years. Unfortunately, this was so tightly regulated and expensive to implement, it was cost prohibitive for small and medium sized businesses.

This all changed in 1996 when new banking laws clarified the way for anyone to accept electronic drafts.

The laws that changed are in the Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 (39) and Title 3, Section 3-104, and 3-403; Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Chapter U, Part 210; and Regulation J., Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4A-201 to 4A-212.

In a nutshell, these laws define a "Negotiable Instrument" which, before required a signature to e binding. With the changes in these laws a signature is no longer required. All that is required is a verbal or written authorization which can be received via phone, fax, email or internet orders.

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How does CheckMAN compare to it's competition?

As you may or may not know, there are several products similar to CheckMAN on the market. None of them to our knowledge has nearly as many features as CheckMAN does. Here are just a few of the features that CheckMAN and/or CheckMAN Pro have that most of our competitors don't: Ability to print checks "Selected or by Date", Ability to print Deposit Summaries, Ability to EASILY handle monthly "Recurring Payments", Ability to add Artwork to any Check, Ability to print your Signature right on your check, Ability to Print a "File Copy" and a "Customer Receipt", Ability to actually Endorse the back of your checks! **Several of the features listed are available only with the Professional version of CheckMAN. CheckMAN is a very easy program to use, and it's also Very Affordable, No monthly costs involved, plus much more!

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What if my customer is afraid to give me their checking information?

If this question should arise, you simply explain to your customer that by faxing you a check, or giving you the information over the phone, they are giving you absolutely no more information than they would be if they mailed a check to you. It is really that simple. Sure, there are people out there that are crooks, but giving out your checking information is no more insecure than paying for a new coat at the mall with your check or credit card.

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How can I accept MasterCard / Visa with CheckMAN?

Most every credit card customer (80%) is given "courtesy checks" from their issuing bank. These courtesy checks work just like any other check. When you gather the payment information from your customer, you get the info from these checks. (Not the Credit Card #) The check is printed and you endorse and deposit the draft like all the others! Capital Merchant Solutions also offers complete Merchant Accounts for both ecommerce businesses as weall as brick and mortar.

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Can I Resell CheckMAN?

Yes, just follow our "Distributors" Link. Basically, you are allowed to resell CheckMAN Standard for $39.95 and keep 100% of the profit. Exact details and specifications can be found on the the Distributor pages.

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