Why should I pay just a bit more

and choose the Pro Version CheckMAN™?

The Standard Version of CheckMAN is a fabulous product. The Professional Version is CheckMAN is out of this world!

Here's What You Can Do With The Pro Version....

Print Deposit Summaries
Great way to keep track of what you deposit.
Print File Copies
This is an extra copy of the transaction that you can keep for your records.
Print Customer Receipt
This has all checking account and order information on it except the actual account numbers and transit number. This fits perfectly into a #9 window envelope!
Add Artwork or a Logo to Any Check
Gives that professional appearance.
Add Bank Logos
Just in case you would like to!
Print Your Actual Signature on your checks
This is great feature, it saves a lot of time.
Ability to Easily Handle "Recurring Transactions"
Do you have customers that send you checks every month? With this feature you will never have a late payment. You can set the format up to print checks from any account every month, quarter, year, or at whatever interval you would like. When using with the above, "Customer Receipt" feature, you can simply print their check and receipt at the same time, just drop the receipt in the mail in case they forgot about the monthly transaction! This is one of the best feature in CheckMAN!
Automatically "Remembers" Banking Info
As soon as you enter a transit number, a "Banking Info" box pops up. You then enter the bank name and A.B.A. number in it. The next time you draft a check from that bank, the program automatically fills in the banking info for the check. All you will need to enter is the transit number.
Ability to run your own "Service Bureau"
All you need to do is solicit clients. With CheckMAN Pro, you can print checks for multiple clients easily. You can charge them a flat fee $1.00 or $2.00 per check or even a percentage of the check amount. There are currently other systems in place that offer a "Service Bureau" Opportunity just like this for as much as $10,000!!!
All Professional users, receive a 25% Discount on every check order!

So How much Extra Does The "Professional Version Cost"?

The Professional Version upgrade price is only an extra $40!(Total of 79.95) ! !

The Standard Version price is $39.95

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