What CheckMAN users

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I can't thank you enough for responding so quickly! If there's anywhere I can post positive feedback about this simply excellent product and SUPPORT for the product, please let me know.


I just wanted to let you know that I processed my first check using my new WebForm. I was able to have the check in my bank and merchandise at the Post Office less than 13 hours after my online auction ended! Thanks.


I used the software for the first time yesterday. I'm a landlord with about 100 rental units. One of my tenants was late with her rent and called me to say she was going to put it in the mail. I sad, "Don't bother to mail it, just give me the info on your check and I'll draft your bank account." She was delighted that we now had the ability to do this, and agreed to allow us to auto-draft her check each month from now on! This will save me an incredible amount of frustration in the future. In fact, I'm going to require the auto-draft payment method from every new tenant, and strongly encourage my existing tenants to sign up as well. I came very close to buying a very expensive check printing program last year, and I'm glad now that I held off! Thanks!


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