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When you become a registered user of CheckMAN™, we will provide to you a FREE WebForm that will allow you to accept checks online. We will create it and Host it FREE! It will be a simple form that will gather all the needed checking account information from your customer. Once we give you the URL of your WebForm, you will simply take the URL and place a link from your website to the form. Whenever somebody orders from your form, you will receive an email notification of their order instantly!

There are 4 different version of the form available. The basic option is Free, but the other versions have minor fees involved. You will receive complete details on how to get your form up within 48 hours as soon as you place your order for CheckMAN™ + your first check order.

If you have already purchased Checkman, then please click here to activate your form immediately. You will need the User Name and Password that was provided to you.

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